Golden Super Cruise

I’m a bit of a fake car guy. I have a great appreciation for cool and creative things done with cars. I have a huge appreciation for the amount of work that goes into bringing a car back from a rusty heap to a shiny show car but I have hardly any ability when it comes to working on the mechanics of a car.



With that being said, I really do enjoy seeing what people have built for themselves. There is a lot of vision that goes into building some of these cars and going to the Golden Super Cruise is a great way to see the fruits of their labor.


If you don’t know what the Super Cruise is, check out their site.
I would describe it as a HUGE car show that is pretty informal and everyone shows up and just appreciates cars. The Crowds are huge and the variety of cars is equally as large. People line the streets to watch the cars cruise by. Cars are parked in every parking lot along the street. Hundreds of cars, possibly over a thousand, they are everywhere and they are cool!



I have always had a desire to restore a car, but I have never really had the time or cash for that project at the same time. A bigger concern of course is, what do you build! I mean, you can go with the tried and true Cobra, that is pretty much the coolest car ever, right?


But the problem with that is, everyone has a cobra, it just isnt unique at all. So there are of course muscle cars, they are all over the place and I do really love a good cuda, but I don’t need a huge horsepower monster, plus where would I put that thing!




There are the unique collectors as well, but most of them I like, but don’t really want. Plus they are typically so desirable that I couldn’t afford them anyway.


And there are the Rat Rods and hot rods, but they are becoming so cookie cutter to me. Everyone seems to have this “unique” thing to it but they seem to follow a style to closely.




I have in the last few years started thinking more and more about a 30′ ford 4 door. Something that lends to its vintage but that has a bit of style to it too. Think of a bonnie and clyde kinda car or an old school gangster car but lowered a bit with some kickback wheels, but not quite so kickback that they are spoked. Vintage interior, but not old just true to the era.

This car was as close as I could find. The exterior was perfect (maybe a bit to much red for my taste however) these cars came in BLACK, so I’d keep it black. A bit lower on the front, a bit more aggressive all around. The wheels are great, the interior was a bit to modern for me, but overall it is a subtle car that I almost walked by until I really looked at it.



I would consider chopping maybe 1 inch out of the top to be fairly subtle, and doing a light tint on the windows too. (I know it is a modern touch) but think I’d do a very traditional interior with only a few modern design upgrades. Overall though I think that is a great car! So who wants to buy me a 32 ford 4 door so I can get started?

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