Four Mile Fire

I took a quick drive of the 4 mile fire burn area on Friday. The damage is spotty, it is very interesting to see places that it had completely skipped and other places where it had completely destroyed. There were trees burned up to the edge of buildings without the building being touched and there were buildings completely destroyed with untouched trees right next to them. I didn’t take many photos of the area this time, I expect to head up there again to check it out. but I did take this one. I thought this tree was really interesting. It seems so fragile but so resilient at the same time. I thought it was interesting to see it there stills standing against all odds.



People are hard at work up there, crews are clearing the damage and some have moved back into their homes. Others are scrambling up there to decide what they will do. It is eerie seeing a propped up mailbox sitting in front of an empty lot, I guess mail delivery must continue, but I would think they would redirect it or something. It is pretty interesting how much of the area still has live trees, however the areas that have been burned have dusty ash and not a bit of growth. I am curious to see how long it will take to see the brush start coming back. I am also interested to see if any of the partially burned trees survive.

I will head back up in the near future to take more photos and explore a bit more. I didn’t want to get in anyones way while I was up there. I am sure “Fire Tourism” is high right now…

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