Next big thing?

Well, we are pretty good ad doing odd things that many people will talk about and few people will do. We are considering a new project. Something that we would love to do…

Yesterday the rule book arrived… well I should say, the outdated rule book. Magically the 2011 rule book is running about 4-6 months behind. Should be a close call on whether or not we’ll get it before the 2011 race! Anyway, we are considering running the Baja 1000. Yes, that sounds pretty intense… and it is. This will eclipse both of our soapbox vehicles in cost and time commitment. It will be a huge undertaking! Building a vehicle is just a small portion of the complete package here. The race will be more demanding that anything that we have attempted before. Physically the course is full of sand, dust, dirt, rocks etc. The heat is in excess and the potential for disaster is pretty incredible. Mentally the race is extremely demanding. 36+ hours of commitment in the car digging out from sand and silt, spectators are always all over the road and there are all types of dangers to keep an eye out for.

We are extremely excited about this one though. This is a historic race, this is a big deal and if we do make this happen we will be running class 11, the most demanding class. I’ll keep you up to date as we make decisions, but in the mean time, watch Dust to Glory. Check out the Class 11 Tecate bug and think to yourself… Why in the hell would they want to do that!

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