Pardon my appearance…er something

So I’ve been busy! Yes, that is a common phrase around here, but this time you can at least see what I am up too this time. Yes, I had a bit of a facelift on the ole website. I guess I finished up some of the Kern racing site and I also started helping another friend with her site so I guess I felt the need to get my site rockin’ and rollin’.

In addition to that, I’m still doing work on the Kerns cars. Updates to the BMW have been going on, the EVO is about to get started as well. New carbon dash, new motor, new suspension… well you get the idea.

I was also put in charge of some of the ice racing promotion this year for Georgetown.
So I am doing a bit of planning for what to do next for them. It should be quite the adventure.

Otherwise? Well, we are shopping for a bug, Yep, the Baja plan is moving forward!

Anyhow, I know some of the photos in the slider are a bit low rez, but I’ll be pushing forward to get this place back up to snuff soon!

Oh, let me know what you think of the new look!

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