Breakin’ the Car…

At the end of last season I was out with a friend at CORE on a test and tune day and just as we were wrapping up our last lap… BOOM. Yes, I broke the car. Honestly though, it had it comin’. It was a simple break and if I had thought to brought parts, we could have driven it home. But I didn’t think to bring parts, so I got to use my AAA membership. They delivered the car to my driveway. Very convenient.

After months of pretending like nothing happened I finally fixed the car. Now, I knew I broke the axle, but I didn’t realize how bad I broke the axle!

A keen eye will tell you that those bearings machined the metal of the outter cup on this CV and when I tried to loosen the bolts I realized that they were captured! So a big hammer was needed to maneuver the metal back into position so I could get those bolts out. Once done that CV just fell apart!

I have broken two CV’s in this car now and I am looking into a suitable solution to this problem. I am thinking that these CV’s need a bit more flexibility to deal with the wide range of suspension travel that they are likely to see in this car. I think they are maybe even a touch long too for this application. I have to take this one on over to CVJ Axles to see what they suggest.

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