I would like to think that I am a creative person who has a drive and desire to make things happen. Many of the projects that I have done are things that many people say they would love to do and few actually follow through with. In my career so far I have worked in Video Production, been a professional photographer, a creative director, a marketing professional, designed and built furniture and displays for retail and office spaces. On the side I have built two winning soapbox cars for Red Bull soapbox races! I have a great group of friends that work on many of these projects with me and together we have been able to accomplish anything we set our mind to.

I live my life by the idea that if it can be done it should be done right. If I am going to be involved in a project or if I am going to work for a company I do anything in my power to be able to make that project or company better than it could have been without me involved. I will often figure out marketing ideas, organize timelines and of course get my hands dirty. You can see this at work where I, as a sales person, remodeled the location, stepped up to organize our print catalog, created our marketing plan and have generally become known as “the guy who gets sh!# done” according to the owner. I really enjoy making projects successful and I know that the physical project itself is only part of the success of the overall.

In addition to my projects I really enjoy my play time as well. Racing cars, riding bikes, exploring different places and just learning new things.. I’m a bit obsessed with POV cameras so I am sure you will come across some videos on the site to keep you entertained. Check out some Ice racing and other adventures when you have a chance

I hope you will take some time to check out some of the projects and the adventures that I have written about on the site. I really enjoy sharing what all my hard work has been going into and I encourage you to ask questions if you have them. It is always nice to know that people are enjoying my work!

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