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  • The Next Phase

    The Next Phase

    I suppose I didn’t grow up as a car person. I tinkered, but I was always so reliant on my car that I never really felt comfortable taking the big step of completely incapacitating it by tackling the large projects. In the last several years I have been really ramping […]

  • Messing around at Georgetown

    Messing around at Georgetown

    Well, yeah, we race on the lake, but I guess we also tend to have a pile of fun while we are out there. After our races the other day we were running some practice laps and Kubo decided to film… well, we couldn’t just let him stand out there […]

  • Gone Racin’

    Gone Racin’

    Whenever you are heading to spend a weekend on a lake in the mountains I think the first thing that people think is fishing. Well, you may know by now that I don’t fish. But I do enjoy racing on Georgetown lake. Recently I was featured in a story about […]

  • What does a rally co-driver do?

    What does a rally co-driver do?

    Well after my experiences Co-Driving with Valentin Ivanitski and Roger Matthews this year at Pikes Peak and Lands end it has become a definite desire to continue this effort. I have always been a fan of rally and now is a good time to take the opportunity to try it […]

  • Up We go, into the Wild Blue Yonder!

    Up We go, into the Wild Blue Yonder!

    Well, after a few times crewing for Michael Hill he offered to take me up in the balloon. I have never been up in a hot air balloon and I was pretty happy about the chance to do that. I had the chance to bring Martha along and she was […]

  • The V8 A4, Valentin Ivanitski and I, Full Run

    The V8 A4, Valentin Ivanitski and I, Full Run

    After what seems like forever I finally got word that we are not going to be able to recover information from our 4th camera. I was really hopeful and the company was very certain they could do it, but it turns out that landing the complete weight of a V8 […]

  • Savannah Ivanitski: Pikes Peak

    Savannah Ivanitski: Pikes Peak

    Well, I had a few minutes to throw together a bit of video and started with Savannah’s video from Pikes Peak. There is a ton of video to wade through still for all the other cars, so keep your eyes open in the near future. Savannah only got to run […]

  • Lands End Hill Climb

    Lands End Hill Climb

    After an incident at Pikes Peak I really wanted to just get in a car again. I wanted to get in the co-drivers seat and I wanted to do it sooner rather than later. I never really developed a fear after the crash, but I just wanted the opportunity to […]

  • This is what happens when you land a car on a GoPro

    This is what happens when you land a car on a GoPro

    Well, I am pretty impressed with this little thing. Currently DataTech Labs is trying to recover the data off the SD card that was in here, but this little camera just happened to be exactly where the primary impact was on our Pikes Peak crash. Not only that but it […]

  • Supporting Astana?! Ok, why not.

    Supporting Astana?! Ok, why not.

    Everyone has perks at work but it always catches me off guard when I remember how cool some of those perks can be! I knew with the USA Pro Cycling Challenge coming to town, there was a chance that I would have to drop everything and head out on the […]