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  • Making my bike Unique

    Making my bike Unique

    You may have seen that I started a project a year or so ago and I built myself a 1970 Schwinn Collegiate. Nearly immediately I started working on a rack for the back of it. However with the bug build going strong I have had too much going on to […]

  • Making a Rack

    Making a Rack

    I built up a Schwinn a week or so ago and I just simply need something to carry my groceries on the back of it. There are lots of racks out there but… well I can’t leave well enough alone. So I had some extra steel at the shop and […]

  • Carbon EVO Dash | Part 2

    Carbon EVO Dash | Part 2

    I don’t know why I forget this stuff, but I am remembering how much work making a mold is… Yeah. It is one of those things that I remember when I really think about it, but when I haven’t done it for a while I convince myself that it will […]

  • Carbon EVO Dash… Part 1

    Carbon EVO Dash… Part 1

    Well, I always find my way into various projects. It is funny, the more things you say yes too the more that you can learn. So with that in mind I set off to make a new dash for the Kern Racing Pikes Peak EVO. For those of you not […]

  • In the Kitchen

    In the Kitchen

    I don’t know how I find my way into these projects, but I manage too. This one started with a coworker. He knew that I have made molds for fiberglass before so naturally I am the best choice for helping to make a counter for his kitchen! Of course I […]

  • Sculpture? Art? Ice Cubes?

    Sculpture? Art? Ice Cubes?

    I have always been a fan of urban art. I do have this small issue with things like “breaking the law” and “vandalizing property.” Yeah, call me snotty or whatever but I guess I have this sense that maybe I can participate without any permanent alteration of a current location. […]

  • Anthem Branding

    Anthem Branding

    I have been doing some tinkering in the shop! Last year I had the opportunity to help with the design of Anthems new space. Jeremiah and I had the chance to measure, analyze and design a new space. We got to be creative and we got to make some cool […]

  • Pikes Peak Hill Climb Aero Package

    Pikes Peak Hill Climb Aero Package

    I have been a huge fan of the Pikes Peak Hill climb for a long time. I have been attending it for the last 7 years and it is pretty addicting. The procession to the top of the hill by all the fans, the sound of engines miles away firing […]

  • Old News/Projects

    Old News/Projects

    I realized the by starting this blog fairly late I didn’t get to show some of my biggest projects. So here are a few projects that I have done over the years that I think are pretty cool.

  • AXYS Vehicle concept

    AXYS Vehicle concept

    I was fortunate enough to be selected to be part of the AXYS vehicle concept design and build team. This is a hand selected program at Metro State College of Denver. The premise of this project is to build an entire composite vehicle, design all the elements of the vehicle […]