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  • Progress on the EVO

    Progress on the EVO

    Well when Dave Kern starts something he is most likely going to finish it. I mean seriously. His wife Allison recently recounted the time that the motor blew during a race, fire was shooting out of the hood, over the car in large balls of glowing heat and she had […]

  • Ballooning


    A couple months ago I went out for the first time with Michael Hill to go help crew for his hot air balloon flight. I had never done that before and I have some strange desire to try to learn random skills… just in case. I consider it 007 skills. […]

  • A little distraction

    A little distraction

    There is so much to do on all these cars and you hardly have time to stop and smell the roses. Well, as we were tinkering the other night we noticed a bit of nature had decided to watch us. This little guy decided to stop by and check in. […]

  • Ice Racing 2012

    Ice Racing 2012

    If you know me at all you know that I love playing on the Ice! Last year I raced the season on Georgetown Lake. This year I have missed quite a few days up there but I keep trying to make it up there to race as much as possible. […]

  • Visiting my Sis

    Visiting my Sis

    One of, what I would say is becoming tradition is when I head home I typically fly in via DC in order to spend a day or two with my sister. Unfortunately we don’t see each other more than about 2 times a year but it is always fun to […]

  • A long weekend

    A long weekend

    Each year my parents come out to visit for a week and each year they make it into a bit of an adventure. Sometimes they see and explore and sometimes they try things out and learn. In the past my mom learned to weld, my dad drove a bulldozer and […]

  • Lisa’s Wedding

    Lisa’s Wedding

    It seems like so long ago but many moons ago Lisa Myklak needed a place to live in the Boulder area and somehow my spare room became her new home. She was a great roommate and we got along great during the year that she lived here. Over the years […]

  • A quick trip to California

    A quick trip to California

    It has been a while since I have spent time on a beach. It seems strange however that each time I visit the beach it is cold and rainy. However this time I didn’t mind, it was just so nice to get some sand between my toes! I headed to […]

  • Esinem Designs

    Esinem Designs

    Back at Metro I made some friendships with some good folks. Each has gone their separate way to figure out their career and I got a call from one of them just the other day. Jed has been doing a lot of projects out of his garage in order to […]

  • Testing and tuning with the EVO

    Testing and tuning with the EVO

    What do you get when you take a high powered EVO made to run the toughest hillclimb in the nation and put its rally shoes back on? Well, you basically get a low level aircraft! After a bit of a rough ride at Pikes peak this year the car is […]