Lisa’s Wedding

It seems like so long ago but many moons ago Lisa Myklak needed a place to live in the Boulder area and somehow my spare room became her new home. She was a great roommate and we got along great during the year that she lived here. Over the years we have kept in touch and I value her as a good friend and someone who I am very glad to have met.

Only a month ago I got a call from Lisa and she really wanted me to come to California to visit… because she was getting married! After a bit of figuring and deciding how I could swing yet another trip I made my way out to Santa Cruz to go to Lisa’s wedding. Lisa and Jimi met on bikes. They were both sponsored by Black Market bikes and they quickly came together. I never met Jimi but I heard about him and after this weekend I can see how much they mean to each other! Congrats Lisa, I am so happy for you!






Finally, there is this one. Carter is the creator of Black Market bikes and many moons ago I shot with him as well:

Carter was pretty emotional at the wedding and gave a very heartfelt toast…


I’m glad that I got to go to the wedding and spend the day not only with Lisa and Jimi but also with all the friends that I haven’t seen in too long! It was great to catch up!