PPIHC Video Clips

I spent pretty much the entire week climbing around Pikes Peak in order to get shots for this small video project that I was working on. The project was to create a PPIHC video that features a group of smaller name, lower budget drivers and I guess I root for the underdog so I really enjoy bringing these names to the front of peoples minds if I can.

After spending that week collecting footage, you know I am going too also shoot other cars too so I put together a lot of Extra footage to put that out there as well. This is very comprehensive. It is nearly every car that practiced with the unlimited/time attack cars and a few others as well. There are a ton of locations and this was all shot by me over the 3 practice days, race day and the test and Tune day. Enjoy!

Thunderstorms & Rainbows

We’ve been having some incredible thunder storms in Colorado. Yesterday in fact the rain was so intense that my commute home consisted of a uturn that I had to take to avoid submerging my car! I really enjoy a good thunderstorm and it has been nice to have some interesting ones to watch.

Today after the rain let up I set up a GoPro outside to see what I would get. Fortunately the storm created a nice rainbow and the whole thing was caught on Time Lapse! Take a look!