RaceKern: PPIHC Full Run

If you looked up the word ‘determined’ in the dictionary, it says “see racekern.com.” The Kerns have had some of the toughest years at Pikes Peak and each year they come out of it wit a smile on their face and a lesson learned. Some of those lessons I don’t think they could have ever avoided so it is amazing how positive and driven they can remain!

This year’s lesson? Dirt may be scary at times, but asphalt has many faces to. The thing about dirt is that you are relying on a surface that has minimal grip, so you are driving in such a way that you are constantly compensating for that lack of grip. On asphalt you are using all the grip that you can get out of the road. So if that grip goes away, you have a much tougher time. This year the Kerns found a part of the course that dust, gravel, something was blown onto the road and braking grip was eliminated! Stephan Verdier found the same place, but his experience was even more catastrophic! So ride along with the Kerns as they take you up the mountain. Keep your eyes peeled for their incidents and for the pieces that decide not to make it all the way to the summit with them!

Take a moment and read the Kern’s recap on the week at Pikes Peak on RaceKern.com

Ride along with Jimmy Olson at PPIHC

Jimmy and Spencer are great friends and it is amazing to see how close they are in all the racing they do. Ride along with Jimmy as he finishes second in open wheel by only 1 second! His time is good enough for 5th fastest on the mountain a pretty awesome thing to be able to say as well!

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The Video Action

It has been probably 8 years since I have really done anything big with video. I have been tinkering a bit more recently however with POV cameras mainly and basically just having fun learning Final Cut Pro. It is quite different from the Media 100 system that I used in the past, but I am beginning to figure out some of the quirks and getting a bit more comfortable with the system. In addition to that, in 2005 YouTube came out. I missed the early years of figuring out the proper compressions, file types and workflows that are optimized for online streaming so I am catching up now as well. Trust me on one thing. I have been making a bunch of mistakes. One right after the other typically. But I am getting a bit more comfortable and working out a workflow that is getting a bit better to deal with these things.

In the next year I am hoping to get some more of this stuff dialed in. I like having the ability to make videos that are more professional in quality. Hopefully with a bit more tinkering in my “free time” I will be able to get prepared for a few more projects I have in mind.

This year I am playing with the GoPro’s at the Kart track and using the video to tinker with more and more settings, export options and all kinds of other things that the programs have to offer. I am hoping to make a short Ice Racing video from this season as well to show off how awesome it is to race on the Ice and I would love to try to do a bigger and better Pikes Peak video this year too.

Over the past two years or so I have shot a bunch of smaller videos, just quick edits and rough things that I threw together with music or just threw together in an afternoon. I was doing short videos for our SoapBox teams too. They were all done at some ridiculous hour and squeezed in before I fell asleep.

Here are some videos from over the years from some of the adventures we have been on.

Feb 2009

July 2009

September 2009

January 2010

March 2010

March 2009

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