The Day Job isn’t Typically all that Glamourous

Yes, there are times when the day job is nice and there are times when it is just work. The days that are the best are the days when you are given some indication that what you are doing is appreciated. Well today that came in spades!

Tucson Arizona

Part of my day job is to make the catalog for Excel Sports. We have an 84 page catalog that we put out 6 times a year. With all the other things I do there it sometimes gets a bit hectic to get this all done, but we manage. We have a designer that works with me as well and together we create a nice and informative catalog. There have been some controversies and doubts in the past with the catalog that include the departure of my previous designer, but after a compliment like today I would say that all that is solidly put behind us.

Ok, so I am sure that with this build up you’d like to know what this compliment is….well here is a link, check it out!

WV Cycling Blog

If you haven’t seen the catalog before, we just started doing an eCatalog, you can check that out here:
Excel Sports eCatalog

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