The Big Move

Well, the big move means two things. First, we moved! Our workshop for the last 2 and a half years has now moved! We got a new space and it is just a bit larger. Our old shop was 800 sq ft and the new space is 900 sq ft. However, the move really let us focus on reorganizing. Our previous shop served us well. When we got the shop we really felt like we were taking a bit of a chance. Questions like “will we use it enough to justify it?” were rolling around in our brains as we signed the lease. But as we got situated we really started to find it incredibly useful. As we grew in the space we started to really spread out in there. We added shelves, tables, benches and more and each time we added something we took up a little more space. Our nice shop was becoming a bit cluttered.


When our landlord called and offered us a new space we talked about it and decided it was a great plan. After an extreme move consisting of 108* temps outside and 96* temps inside we finally got everything moved in and more important organized. Our plan to include pallet racks this time helped us make use of the height of the building and really provides us with a lot more floor space. So with only 100 sq ft more space we now have a lot more space!


The big move also means, a date, the date for Pikes Peak has MOVED! It has been a crazy summer with wildfires ravaging the landscape and in Colorado Springs the race has been canceled with the new date expected to be announced in a week. What does that mean? Well, I suspect that there will be some problems for many of the international competitors, it will also cause a problem for many of the spectators. However for the Kerns it means a bit more time to test and tune. The car finally came together the other day and now it is time to get a few miles on that thing in order to make sure Dave is comfortable with the new setup.



The new build has a full carbon body. We build the rear sections of the body and I believe the total savings is nearly 200 lbs on the vehicle. I am looking forward to seeing the new splitter on there as well! We will look for the new dates for the race soon and be ready when it comes up later this summer.

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