Up We go, into the Wild Blue Yonder!

Well, after a few times crewing for Michael Hill he offered to take me up in the balloon. I have never been up in a hot air balloon and I was pretty happy about the chance to do that. I had the chance to bring Martha along and she was really excited about the opportunity.

We headed out at 5:30 am to head to Castlerock to meet Michael Hill. When we arrived we helped to set up everything and get the balloon prepped for takeoff.


Martha brought her head gear on loan from her father, I am sure he will get a kick out of the flight helmet in use.

With the setup done, Michael inflated the balloon and we were on our way!





Martha was a bit excited about the experience


Michael was as well


After about an hour of flight we found a good place to touch down. A dirt road to the east of Castlerock served as a perfect landing place. We had acquired a few chasers by then and touched down with plenty of help.

Ballooning with Martha and Michael

In addition we had a 150lbs welcoming committee.

Ballooning with Martha and Michael

Ballooning with Martha and Michael

Ballooning with Martha and Michael

Wow that was a fun time, it really is peaceful up there and you get a really interesting look at the world below. I definitely suggest trying it out! Big thanks to Michael Hill!

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