The V8 A4, Valentin Ivanitski and I, Full Run

After what seems like forever I finally got word that we are not going to be able to recover information from our 4th camera. I was really hopeful and the company was very certain they could do it, but it turns out that landing the complete weight of a V8 Audi on a GoPro, twice, wasn’t good for the camera or the card. We have to say thanks however to My Life at Speed for loaning us the 3 Contour cameras that did survive! I have been debating how to edit this. We have so much video from practice days and from the race day and I don’t want to separate it. However, the raw engine sound of our V8 and the unfortunate consequence of the degrading weather during our run really seemed like it should be put together as one video. Expect another video in the future since we have some great camera angles to share from practice days.

The video definitely shows our challenges with the weather. Rain started before Picnic grounds and as we get higher and higher check out the rooster tail that continues to grow. You can hear as Val tests for traction as we ascend and you can see as we brake early feeling for traction and nearly come to a halt a few times as well.

It is interesting timing to put this out today since it is also coincidentally the day that Pikes Peak has released new rules that indicate that Co-Drivers are not allowed in 2013. It is sad news for me. I would love to have the opportunity to make it to the top and experience a proper trip back down the mountain slapping five with the fans on the way, but sadly that doesn’t sound like it is going to happen. For the time being however, I hope that you enjoy this video and check back soon for more videos from the peak including Dave and Allison Kern, Jimmy Olson and Spencer Steel as well!

Another day another storm

Wow, we have really had some amazing lightning these last couple weeks. Mother nature has really been letting loose. I don’t know what exactly the science is behind this because I haven’t seen storms this consistantly with this much rain at any point in my time here in Colorado.

Yesterday I was in Denver when the storm began. It was intense and we stood and watched as lightning struck all around the building we were in. Center stage for an amazing natural light show. The thunder was so intense that car alarms were triggered and the lightning was so intense that it hung in the sky pulsing as you watched. Later I arrived at my house and the rain was dumping. I wanted to take a photo, but I just couldn’t bring myself to go out with my nice camera and take that risk. The rain eventually let up and I decided to try to get a quick photo off. During the middle of my only exposure the rain began again, slow at first then heavier and heavier… I shielded the camera with my jacket as the exposure counted down and finally was able to run down the street and back into my house. When I finally got a chance to look at the photo I saw that I had actually captured a bit of lightening, 3 bolts from my count and a very interesting scene. It, to me, almost appears as though the light from the city is competing with the lights from nature. Take a look for yourself and click on the photo for a larger image too.


Thunderstorms & Rainbows

We’ve been having some incredible thunder storms in Colorado. Yesterday in fact the rain was so intense that my commute home consisted of a uturn that I had to take to avoid submerging my car! I really enjoy a good thunderstorm and it has been nice to have some interesting ones to watch.

Today after the rain let up I set up a GoPro outside to see what I would get. Fortunately the storm created a nice rainbow and the whole thing was caught on Time Lapse! Take a look!