Sculpture? Art? Ice Cubes?

I have always been a fan of urban art. I do have this small issue with things like “breaking the law” and “vandalizing property.” Yeah, call me snotty or whatever but I guess I have this sense that maybe I can participate without any permanent alteration of a current location. How could I create something that people could enjoy and maybe even catch people off guard without creating a permanent mark on the area?


That question boggled my mind for a while. I spend time on looking at peoples art. some of it doesn’t provide a permanent mark, but may blow away becoming another piece of litter in the street. Some of it leaves behind a permanent mark that, though beautiful, may not be welcomed by the owner of the location. So finally the idea was born. What material could become this urban art. What material could both serve the purpose of stimulating ideas and trigger emotions in people but would also completely disappear without any sign in the future. Water.

My project began with molding processes. Creating molds of my hand and my friend Matt’s hand. We created Ice hands.

These have incredible detail. Every wrinkle and every detail in my hand was transferred to the mold.

Last year I created many of these hands but they stayed local. I never was able to transport them effectively and therefore I could never really get them out beyond my neighborhood. So this year i decided that I needed something that was smaller, more portable and easier to assemble. I looked high and low and created gears. Gears! How simple and how nice to be able to create dynamic assemblies! Maybe one day I can make the function as well.


The beautiful thing about these gears is their simplicity. Individually they are interesting, they have nice detail and they are clearly precise parts, but together they take on an organic shape, they contour to the landscape and they interact with the other gears to create a chain or even an organism of some sort that is able to traverse the contours that it is crossing.


As they melt they begin to take on their own life as well. They sink and fall and they separate and find their own way to dissolve into nothing.


It is difficult dealing with ice however, it sticks together, it melts and it basically does everything very quickly. Transportation isn’t easy. Coolers aren’t good enough usually, but I am working on a plan. Hopefully there will be some new sculptures out in time for the Art Walk in Denver. Hopefully the weather cooperates… I guess you never know but more pictures will surely follow.


Baphomet Cycles

If you have ever been out and about in the cycling world of Boulder Colorado you may have heard the myth of a man who goes by the name of Bama. You may also know of Bama from the Surly Bikes ads that show a man in a santa suit jumping through a flaming hoop. Or you may have seen him riding a fixed gear in work boots up flagstaff. No matter how you have heard of him, he is a real person. Yes, I can assure you that he exists and yes…all those stories are true.



I met Bama years ago when I walked into his house with a friend of mine to find him welding on the linoleum floor. He had just finished cleaning his bike in the kitchen and the entire place was covered with dirt and his rational was “well I covered the floor in dirt, so it is protected from the sparks!” Keep in mind this is on the second story of an apartment complex. I can surely come up with a story for every time that I have hung out with Bama, but today’s story is his new clothing business.

Bama is a guy who will do things, things that someone in passing may say “aww, that sounds like a good idea.” Bama will write that idea down and make it happen. This is the first time that I am aware of one of those ideas turning into a product to sell however.


So Bama has found that many commuters, messengers, delivery folks and fixie riders find themselves inventing their own clothing to wear. “Nobody just makes the stuff that people ride in without charging a lot for it!” So Bama decided that someone should make these pieces and they should sell them for inexpensive so people who are using their bike for work will have something affordable to be able to ride in:

Today we headed out with some new products in hand (Mostly modified prototypes) We headed out and with our sole model (that’s right, the man, the myth, the legend) Bama and we shot photos for his website.


Bama did a great job, he was fun to work with and we just took some casual shots to get the ball rolling. I am sure you will see some of these on his site in the near future, but for now, you’ll have to see them on my blog!