What happens when you get your Citizenship?

After years of paperwork and the diligence of Cathey, Paul is a citizen of the USA. First, some back story:

Paul is from Australia, he is however known as “Canadian Paul.” There is a long story, originating in Mexico that starts this whole name off, but none the less, Canadian Paul= the Australian.

So when Canadian Paul from Australia got his US citizenship we determined a special treat was needed. Evan Chute put together the appropriate flag. We call it the USaustranadian flag:

Now I can’t leave well enough alone, so I was at the shop and thought: Hmm, how can I make this even more fun. So I built a wooden box to deliver both some flag decals and a metric tape measure. The wooden box seemed a bit to bland. As I was starting to rethink the box I realized, it just didn’t look like a present. How in the world can I make it look more like a present? Well, I think a Bow is needed… I dug around in the scrap and determine, it was going to be a Steel Bow.

Twisting up some steel and tacking a bolt on the back of it, I was able to bolt the bow onto the box lid for a nice original gift. Needless to say I put a pile of screws in the lid so Paul had to remove the lid with tools.

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